Who we are.

The story actually begins in 2009, 4 years before the birth of Umatter in 2013. But first let me introduce my self.

So, hello! I am Thanos, CEO of Umatter – The Lead Generation Agency.
My team and I are thrilled to design and implement great Lead Generation Strategies, but first you might want to know more about me and my company.

I started as an economist but I always felt attracted to Digital Marketing. In 2009, during my MBA course, I studied Marketing and my life changed. I fell in love with Marketing and, to be more specific, with Digital Marketing. So ,it was more than natural in 2013, the birth of Umatter.

I always felt that doing what you love really matters, and even though at the time I worked in different industry, digital marketing was my field of interest and investment.

2013…the birth of Umatter!

Being the type of a creative person that looked ahead, I knew that digital marketing was the future. And guess what…I loved it! At that point, already having experience in the field, the company was created. Since then, me and my team are always focused on being up to date and able of suggesting the most effective ways for your business. Our true passion is Lead Generation and Marketing Automation. Our mission? Well…It is easy to understand it. Whether you are running a B2B or B2C Business, our goal is to generate highly targeted and valuable leads for your business and help you achieve your goals!

So, now it’s the time to learn more about you. Don’t hesitate, just drop us a line and we will design and execute the best Lead Generation Strategy for your Business!

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Umatter: At the end it all comes down to YOU and your needs. What YOU need MATTERS to us the most! Our business philosophy targets on long term relations. So, understanding what you need is the most important step, both to us and even YOU.

The lead generation agency: It is not just about Facebook posts and Google, that's what everybody does. Challenged, is what we like being. We are specialized in creating leads that then we help YOU transform them into clients in the modern digital age.
Isn't that what traditionally marketing was really all about in the first place?