When it comes to Lead Generation, a unique and strong call to action button (a.k.a. CTA) is one of the best ways to convert website visitors into leads in a quick and cost effective way.

Throughout this article we will try to explain, briefly, what a CTA is and we will share with you 5 tips that will help you create the perfect Call-to-Action for your website.

Call To Action: Definition

A Call-to-Action, CTA, is a link or button that encourages the desired action of the visitors on your website. It is an important component of your lead generation process and with its help, you can take your visitors’ attention to the downloadable lead magnets or get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

A Call-to-Action button is the very first step towards conversion. And this happens because if the visitor has already clicked on the CTA you are halfway to win in this situation.

But, you may have one question so far…How does a Call-to-Action button look like? Well, usually a CTA may have one of the following forms:

  • Big, text-based or illustrated CTA
  • Middle-sized illustrated or text-based CTA
  • Small text-based CTA
  • Inline text-based CTA
  • Just a simple button CTA

So, now that we made clear that you know what a CTA is, it is time to highlight 5 basic tips in order to create the perfect CTA and attract more leads for your business.

Tips to create the perfect Call-to-Action

  1. Pay attention to visuals!

We have already mentioned that a CTA can be a text-based link or a button, but we would rather advise you to use the button version because you can make a better impression. A visitor is more likely to pay attention a button rather than to a text-based CTA.


  1. Create a Big one!

Honestly, just do it. The bigger the Call-to-Action button the bigger its impact. It has to stick out from the context and you have to make sure that the visitor will not lose it from his sight, not even accidentally.

You think it is big enough? Well, make it bigger! 😉


  1. Use Contrast

A perfect CTA has to attract the visitor’s eye. So, even if they tell you that it has to be aligned with the colors and images of the website, just ignore them! The CTA has to stick out from the whole website, so use different colors in order to raise attention. The appearance of the CTA needs to be more sexy and attractive to bring up more attention. In order to achieve that, it has to be big and flashy enough. Don’t avoid to experiment with different colors and typography!


  1. Make clear what you want them to do

Just think what is the role of this Call-to-Action button. What do you want to achieve. What is the desired action for your website visitors. After that, just create your CTA and write on it “Download…”, “Subscribe for… ” or “Book a Free Consultation…”, etc.. It is an important tip because you tell your visitors immediately what you want them to do and they don’t waste time to think what to do next.


  1. Use the CTA to drive traffic to a landing page

A CTA must always direct the visitor to a specific landing page where your piece of content (Lead Magnet) can be downloaded easily. This is crucial because with the aid of the landing page, you can get all this useful information that you will need later at the lead nurturing phase.

The landing page has to contain a form that your visitor will fill up before being able to download the promised material. And on the form don’t just ask for the basic, instead, go further ask more personalized information such as e.g.: Where does he/she work and in what position, etc.


So, this is it. Now you know how to create the perfect Call-to-Action Button for Lead Generation. All you have to do is to experiment and create CTAs that will convert visitors into leads and visitors into customers, after the lead nurturing phase.

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